Praying for Your Husband

The following is a prayer that I prayed in August of 2019 for my husband. It reads:

Lord I want to thank you for the gift of my husband. He is a wonderful man who loves me and Luke so much! Lord this past year has been hard on Mack. He is working a job that isn’t the best and he has for MONTHS been trying to find a better job that will support his family. 

Lord I ask that if it is your will that Mack be hired by the Chesapeake Sheriff office this week. He has one final interview with the Sheriff himself today and I pray that it goes well for Mack. Lord I ask that you give Mack some good closure on this because he has been so frustrated about finding a job post college. 

Lord I thank you for everything that we already do have! You already provide so much and for that we are ever grateful!!! 

Lord please hear my prayer and thanks again for everything!

This was my praise and calling out to God for my husband. He had been working at Kroger and we were financially struggling. As a wife, I knew that my relationships with my husband included the joy of praying for him. Praying for loved ones is a beautiful thing. It’s one of the most important things you can do to grow in your relationship with your spouse. Life is complicated-things get messy, bills need to be paid, and sometimes it causes stress. The stress can cause strife, relationship problems, and can lead to some heated conversations.

But the good news is that our Heavenly Father is here for us and He wants to be there to guide, help, and correct when necessary. Like going to the doctor when sick or praising a child when they accomplish something, God wants to do the same thing with us in all walks of life-including our marriage.

So why wouldn’t I turn to God for guidance, support, and uplifting during a trying time. Not only did this prayer bring peace to my heart, but it also made me understand where my husband was at the time. God revealed to me how stressed Mack really was and I appreciated his efforts and his work ethic much more after praying over this.

This led me to be more compassionate when my husband would talk about his struggles. It helped me to realize that my husband just wants to provide the best life for our family, and this time of prayer also made me remember that God is in control, not us.

The good news is that not long after this prayer was said, Mack went to that interview and got hired as a deputy. He has now been working as law enforcement for over three years. God provided for us. Thank you, Lord, for the gift of praying and the gift of my spouse.

After this power praying experience, I have made it more of a priority to pray for my husband. When we are having good times, I thank God. If we are struggling with our budget, I pray to God. When we have a silly argument, instead of holding a grudge for days I pray to God. This has had such a positive impact on our relationship. Our communicating skills have grown tremendously. We don’t scuffle over the small things as much ( as much, not always lol).

These changes have made our marriage more deep and we have grown so much in the past five years that we have been married (it feels like yesterday). I can’t wait to see how my deepening relationship with God and my prayers for my husband impacts our marriage in the next five years.

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