Sermon Notes from 2 June 2019

Only God Can Fix the Human Heart
Heart of the Matter Part 2- Matthew 13:1-23

Four Different Conditions of the Heart

1) The heart that is hard (v.18)
-distraction keeps us from the truth
-many people actually are in this–truth gatherers, not truth appliers 
*Our tomorrow won’t be better without a pliable heart

2) The heart that is shallow (v.20)
-the excitement doesn’t last long when there is any problem you run into
-responding to emotion rather than God
*be the turtle–slow and steady

3) The heart that is divided (v.22)
-allows other things to choke it out
-money; I’m “too busy”; work work work
** Hebrews 11- it blesses us to come together 
– most of the time we are not making a conscience decision to “ghost” Jesus we just allow our every day lives to take over

4) The heart that is open (v.23)
-the word has taken root and it’s noticeable 
-people will be able to see it
-pray for those who are hurting!

*recommit ourselves to reaching our neighbors with the Gospel—GET SERIOUS ABOUT THIS 

Lord, how can I be the heart that is open all of the time? It’s so hard to keep that going because I allow life to distract and pull at me. Lord I sometimes let my emotions control me instead of turning to You. Lord I thank you for letting me know You and have a relationship with You. I pray for those who do not know you or choose the world over You that You may soften their hearts.

Lord I also pray that I may see how You want me to reach my neighbors this week with the Gospel message. Let me be a voice for the Truth of Jesus and the love that You have for us.


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